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Content Marketing for Link Building

Content Marketing for Link Building

Technical SEO + Analytics

Technical SEO + Analytics

Programmatic PPC

Programmatic PPC


help your clients achieve their link building goals at scale.

Ocean SEO leverages an extensive network of thousands of high quality online publications. We secure placement for your clients within a well-composed network of digital influencers we have long-standing relationships with.

We cater exclusively to respectable, value-additive brands. A partnership with Ocean means your client will earn their backlinks. Buying links is not our strategy, which means that links are coming from higher caliber sites and will be around for a long time (forever).



The more links a site obtains from reputable online sources, the more authoritative that site becomes, the more prominently it appears in search, and the more traffic it receives, exponentially; but how to deliver at scale?



We have the process of gaining media placement and links down to a science. We develop and refine content alongside our clients to ensure that content is a fit for our publishers.

We secure placement quickly and with precision. In fact, we’re so confident in our strategies that we only ask that our clients pay for successful placements.



The Ocean SEO network is wide, featuring such marquee publications as:

“Ocean SEO gave our organic search rankings the boost we had been struggling to achieve. Sustainable and straightforward link building without the unnecessary bells and whistles.”
— James Yuan, 8Coupons


Ocean SEO works with agencies as well as with growing companies across a wide array of industries:




Our task when working with a new client is to analyze their backlink profile, as well as that of their nearest competitors. This analysis allows us to understand the competitive search landscape in which our new client operates.

Our approach involves the use of a combination of readily available metrics as well as proprietary analytics software. We postulate strategies we believe are being applied by competitors within the space, evaluate the relative success of those strategies, and work to develop our own strategies accordingly to optimize both our client's budget and immediate ROI.



There are a myriad of approaches to SEO and new methods are always emerging and competing for dominance as the “best way” to shoot to the top of search. At Ocean_SEO, we don’t rely on any single strategy. Instead, we rely on data in order to architect custom strategies for each client. Ocean_SEO strategies are holistic and responsive to the complex reality of a site’s measurable presence on the web rather than to some ideal world of SEO.

Our team analyzes complex data sets, getting to know basic big-picture data points all the way down to the lesser-known metrics that many fail to take into account.

We observe trends industry by industry and will map out a competitive landscape that is hyper specific to your client. Our tactical SEO strategies allows our clients to capitalize on the shortcomings of their direct competitors and thus maximize the reach of their brand on the web.

For more on our analytic approaches, click here.




We are a small, scrappy team of entrepreneurs. Our expertise in the realm of SEO grew out of the necessity of growing our start-ups and was bolstered by our collective strengths in software design and data analysis.

We learned hard lessons attempting to grow companies in spaces dominated by industry giants, and worked relentlessly to develop methods which could force cracks into the foundations of these highly established players with solid branding and web presence.

In the paid advertising space, we engineered dynamic campaigns to automate effective bidding on thousands of keywords, and were able to generate return even in the most competitive of landscapes.

With our training in the entrepreneurial school of hard knocks, we can help bring better performance to your PPC campaigns.

For more information on our Programmatic PPC services, click here.



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