Recovery Guide - Rebuilding Trust in SEO

After having spent your time and money on a link building campaign with what you thought was a reputable agency, you learn that their black hat methods have actually harmed your domain - you’ve dropped substantially in the SERP rankings, and wasted significant time and money in the process. So, now what? How do you trust your website to SEO agencies again, while also ensuring that you don’t fall into the same traps that you did previously? 

Tools of the Trade - The Toxic Link Analysis

So, you’ve been consistently building up your backlink profile over the last several months by adding links from anywhere you can find them, hoping to topple your rivals in the SERP rankings. You haven’t paid much attention to where the links are coming from, or who’s providing them for that matter, as you’ve come to the conclusion that any link to your site is good so long as it’s not from a spammy or directory site. Fast forward a few weeks, and while performing your monthly check of your site’s ranking, you can’t figure out why you’re not where you want to be.

The Google Dance - Seeing Results from SEO

Google’s search engine algorithms are ever-changing, but there certainly are some predictable aspects to their updates. For one, their patent filings are likely the closest any one of us SEO Experts can get to uncovering the real reasons and rationales behind why rankings fluctuate the way they do. These patents are typically filled with technical jargon that makes it difficult for most people in the industry to understand exactly what they mean, but we spend a significant amount of time combing through these documents for just that reason. Here, we’ll try to explain one of the more confusing yet well-observed rankings fluctuations; one that many in the industry refer to as “The Google Dance.”

Link Building Guidelines for SEO Agencies

Here we’ll explain the core component of any SEO effort: link building. While SEO trends come and go, often bringing with them the possibility of exploitation and penalization, what doesn’t change is the value of links. However, Search Engines are smart about how they count those links, so in this post we’ll cover the strategies that we’ve found to work best, as well as the pitfalls to avoid.