LINK BUILDING 101 - The Ocean SEO Difference

- Nick J. Ocean

Link building is becoming increasingly difficult to do, but it is not a process that has changed much in recent times. The biggest issue that comes with companies applying aggressive link building strategies is that they grow TOO quickly and far exceed what is a believable "Natural Trend" when it comes to backlink acquisition. Here are a few pointers from our team to help you make sure you're getting the most out of your Link Building Team or SEO Agency:


work hard to establish a target list of reputable publications you hope to work with early on in the process: 


Not knowing who your target audience is and where you should be focusing your strategy leaves you susceptible to chasing down low-value links and publications that will yield less value for your approach. The first thing to establish is a clear idea of exactly WHAT pages on your site you hope to point your links to, as well as establish a series of anchor text and phrases which you hope to direct traffic through. In the case where you build hundreds of links to a somewhat obscure variation of your anchor text phrase from a non-relevant publication, you may actually end up doing more harm than good by directing in traffic this way.


there is nothing more valuable than a contextually applicable in-content link:


Our most successful outreach campaigns for our own companies centered around building good relationships with quality publications, allowing us to place in-context links to our own publications and networks. The main focus of a strategy is always to have a clear idea of exactly what TYPE of publications will yield the best results for our clients, and our original clients were ourselves. We have taken that sole approach as the foundation for what we build for our clients at Ocean and we have continued to see results.


That Said, Pay careful attention to the context in which your (hopefully in-content) link is being placed:


Mistake Number 1 that we see both companies and agencies making all too often is that they force links into places they don't belong. It's all too enticing for most link building agencies to focus on selling their higher DA links to their clients, and will often do so when the match between client and publication is sub-optimal. We do our best to make sure that we are using the most contextually relevant publications within our network for our clients, and will often discuss the targeted publications with our clients before we even offer a package quote.