Full Suite SEO Services

Purchasing a full-suite package for your domain provides the most bang for your buck by packaging multiple services together into one monthly package. We offer the following package options:

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Custom-Catered Link Building Packages

Based on the analysis of your backlink metrics conducted by your personal search specialist, we will create a custom-catered link building package to ensure your domain reaches its highest potential.

Here are a few examples of package outlines by monthly price points, but click here to learn more about our Link Building Pricing Breakdowns.


On-Site Content Creation

With a team of over 30 qualified staff writers working in conjunction with our search specialists, Ocean will formulate and execute a content creation strategy that is custom-catered to optimize your specific website. The content on your site is examined for any deficiencies - whether that’s a lack of quantity, low editorial quality, or a lack of relevance or consistency - by both our search specialist team as well as our content managers. Our search specialist team and content-creation team will formulate a strategy based on wider-industry research as well as the condition of your particular website. This research-based approach to your industry, brand, and competitors in addition to a content-based focus will ensure the most comprehensive strategy to optimize your site. 

Content creation will be customized to adhere to the format, style, and editorial tone of your website or blog. Current offerings are graphics, infographics, research pieces, case studies, and editorial content. 

To learn more about our On-Site Content Creation Strategies, click here.


PPC Campaign Management

In order to maximize your competitive edge against the competition, it is no longer possible to rely solely on Adwords Campaign Manager. In any PPC Adwords campaign, it is necessary to avoid misreading the data at all costs, as false negatives and wrong interpretations can skew your strategy to the degree of harming your campaign.

To ensure the most proactive and successful strategy for our clients, we serve as Google AdWords consultants as well as managers, facilitating every effort to keep your PPC campaign running as effectively as possible. We utilize our own proprietary suite of custom software that is built in-house in order to create and manage your campaign. We also provide our clients with all tracking codes and credentials so that you may check up on your ad conversions at any time.

To learn more about our PPC Campaign Management strategies for Google Adwords and Bing, click here.


Comprehensive Backlink Profile Analyses

We use a number of tools in our comprehensive profile analyses to provide insight and analysis into your larger backlink profile construct;

Keyword Rank Tracking

In order for us to monitor the efficacy of our campaigns, keywords should be tracked on a granular level - this includes before the campaign, mid-flight, and after our work has been completed. We compile a comprehensive list from your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools account as well as from the keywords driving traffic for your domain. The cost of the full-suite package takes into consideration both research and setup in our ranking software.

Deep Crawl and Indexation

The deep crawl is a crucial step to understanding the true competitive nature of your industry space. We use our crawler on both your domain and your competitor's domain in order to guide our strategy. Conducting this crawl will enable us to identify potential opportunities to target, as well as pinpoint redundancies or shortcomings in your site's architecture.

Coalescing Data + Analysis

Once the raw data is exported from the crawl logs, it will require a considerable amount of time to refine it into something palatable that has a clear narrative. As soon as we gain access to your Google Analytics account, we will be able to cross-reference all of the data points to further develop our understanding of your site. This will enable us to learn which pages/keywords are fueling the most organic traffic. 

Data Reporting + Implementation Strategies

After we have sorted through the data and identified any points of inefficiency for the domain, we share our findings with your team and work together to figure out the most cost-effective way to solve these issues. If your team is not internally equipped to handle these optimizations, we can take full responsibility for implementing the changes on your behalf. We are also available to schedule Skype sessions with your developers in order to walk them through the optimization process.