Content-Driven Link Building

By far the most effective, reliable approach to link building centers around the development of high quality content. SEO at its core is quite simple; the more links a site obtains from reputable online sources, the more authoritative that site becomes, the more prominently it appears in search, and the more traffic it receives, exponentially.

By focusing on content creation, we ensure not only a high level of precision as regards to the placement of links, anchor text, and all the things that make a link valuable, but we also maintain a robust network of highly sought after publications within which we can secure that placement.

A partnership with Ocean guarantees quality backlinks from high authority publications, hyper-relevant to your specific industry and area of focus.

We have built a network of publishers who are all looking for well-written articles that are targeted to their particular audience. We tailor content to both the publisher and the SEO client such that a symbiotic relationship emerges; publishers are supplied great content that helps keep their readers engaged, and our SEO clients get high-precision placement in the publications that matter most to them. Sound a bit like what a PR Agency does? It is, except we take care of the content creation start to finish AND you don’t pay until the links are up. You may generate buzz as a result of these articles, but that’s just gravy.

The link placements we secure will give your site the boost you’re looking for all while avoiding the potentially damaging backlash that can be generated from thoughtless link dropping. Since the Ocean strategy doesn’t involve buying links, the links you earn will be around forever. Oh, and our prices are highly competitive; see more on that here.

About our process

We start with a thorough analysis of your backlinking profile as well as your current page and domain authority rankings. We assess your specific needs in relation to your market competitors, who we also analyze in detail in order to tease out industry trends and identify opportunities.

We then go about designing a content strategy tailored to your company and SEO landscape.

Our team will craft high quality content to pitch to our publishers. This content will include strategic links to your site, placed in such a way as to be both highly natural (important for maintaining that link juice) and also highly effective.

Things we watch for when inserting links:

  • Anchor text that makes sense in context

  • Link placement is within the natural flow of the article

  • No links in author bylines

  • No links that are tagged as “sponsored”

With such a high quality product, we must ensure we work exclusively with high quality brands in order to maintain the content standards our publications require. If you believe you are one such brand and you're ready to get started, head over to our pricing page to learn more about the packages and individual link pricing, or contact us with questions.

For those looking to learn more about Link Building dos and dont’s and more general suggestions, refer to our Link Building 101 article, or dig deep into the facts supporting our approach with our Link Building Case Study.